Meet the people of the Quarantine Station (also Sanitation Station, Officer Cadet Training, leprosy camps), the cricketers of Portsea and some heroes of the Cheviot disaster. Cheviot Beach or the back beach at Portsea is where Prime Minister Harold Holt went missing. It holds many tragic stories. This is the first part of three investigating this area, first through the lens of history and as always the people because - the people make the town.  

Portsea Victoria is infamous for losing a Prime Minister. This small town with a population of 505 on the Mornington Pennisula is more than the last place PM Harold Holt was seen. Haunted Hills looks at the people of Portsea. Revealing the history through their stories.


Captain Richardson of the Cheviot, Edward Calcroft, Donald Finlayson are all featured in this episode. 

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