Introducing Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills is a podcast obsessed with small towns. Tegan Dawson, the host, grew up in a small town, or two - the house she lived in was from Yallourn - a town that did not exist anymore and caught her young imagination. Each place is explored through the people, history, crime, paranormal and legends. What does that say about the vibe of the town?
Haunted Hills has caught the bug, as long as Tegan has been researching the local area, she has not really understood people's fascination with Yallourn. Well, she does now. And for the next lot of bonus episodes, they will be working to creating an audiobook about Yallourn. A lot has been said, but it hasn't been viewed with impacts of the people. That's the Haunted Hills difference. You can sign up on the more support there the faster episodes will come out even the free episodes. We really are obsessed with small towns.
What's with the name?
The Haunted Hills is a place where the hills rumble and cows won’t stay - it inspires us. 
The show is named after these hills as well as the first podcast. Then there are more stories of other small towns starting in Gippsland Victoria Australia. Featuring their history, crime and Paranormal. With the magic of technology, we can cover nearly any small town anywhere. All we need is an internet connection and the astral plane.
In 2015, I started telling the first lot of these stories as location-based tours. In Yallourn North,  Rosedale and Traralgon. Anyone can download a podcast where ever they are, or if they have the nerve to listen on location.

Support Haunted Hills

Join us on Patreon for episode about the Gentlemanly Bushranger, is that an oxymoron or what? We discuss that. A coin counterfeiter, which feels like he kept copying himself over and over, did he ever get it right? Another is of a tragic architect, how does one fall from such an esteemed position to die as a footnote of his apprentices story? What brings a policeman, mailman and publican together in one episode? It's murder. The Shady Creek Murder. I have also become obsessed with the small ghost of Yallourn, Victoria. It fuelled the majority of the power industry in Gippsland. There is an a hour and half on the bushfire and subsequent 1944 Royal Commission, with more episodes coming about the SEC and Yallourn.

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